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    XP OS Language (XP Home)

    An interesting question. I need to buy my two children a laptop each for school. BUT .... the laptops will have Swiss French keyboards. The OS supplied with the laptops claims that it is French/Italian/German (as would be expected in Switzerland). How can I change the OS language to English so that all the system messages/menus/warnings etc are in English. Do I have to buy a new copy of the OS in English r is there a way to "swap" across???
    Help! ... and many thanks

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    Re: XP OS Language (XP Home)

    Standard Windows installations do not support switching the interface language.

    Microsoft has a Multilingual User Interface Pack, but it is only sold through volume licensing programs, it is not available to individuals through retail channels. Moreover, it requires Windows XP Professional, it doesn't work on Windows XP Home. So you'll have to buy an English language version of Windows XP, I fear.

    See Windows Server 2003, Windows XP & Windows 2000 MUI for more info.

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