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    Insert / expand thumbnails (97/SP2)

    I have an Access front end on an Oracle database that will soon be using a snazzy new NAS for storage. We have thousands of photographs that document progress of construction projects that are languishing on CD that we want to add into the database, and our DBA's have approved the scheme. We can add bitmaps easily via a form and the Insert / Object command, but I'd rather have the users insert thumbnails that are expandable upon click. To do this, would I have them insert a thumbnail-size image, then hyperlink it somehow to a larger image? What ho?
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    Re: Insert / expand thumbnails (97/SP2)

    Unless you want to do a lot of programming, you may want to look into third-party utilities for handling images, such as Image Control for Photo Database and Image Management - DBPix. A Google search will turn up other utilities.

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