In two separate databases, I have set up a three reports to be emailed using the SendObject macro command. The format that I had selected is Rich Text Format, which is opened in Word 2K at their end. One recipient has had no problem, while the other two have reported error messages in Word "that the margins are outside the printable sheet." We ignored the first error message and printed the report "as is", and it came out exactly as intended; I do not know yet if the second problem reported was able to be successfully printed. All three reports are formatted to be 7.5" wide, and to be printed with a .5" margin all around.

I suspect that the root of this problem lies in the different printers that each user has, but I have nothing to prove this. I have installed the service release updates, but the other users have not.

I am hoping that this initial foray into emailed reports will help lead to fewer paper reports being needlessly generated, taking up less paper, toner/ink, and time. However, the sentiment expressed by one of the recipients could throw this goal completely off-track: "If you can't fix this so that it comes to me in a printable format, I would rather receive the report as a hard copy."