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    Updating a table from another table

    I have a database written in Access97. I am trying to update the field License in one table, Transactions, from a field License in a second table, Employee Auto. The record in the second table must meet three requirements from the first table - Employee Number, Vehicle Type and Date - with the Date falling between a Date In and Date Out fields in the Employee Auto table. The process should check each record in the first table, starting with the first and keep looping until the last record. I am trying to do this in an Event Procedure from a form but don't know how to jump from one table to another and applying a filter to the second table from information gathered from the first table. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Updating a table from another table

    We need more information about your table structures. Off hand, I'd say that if you have an employee and an auto linked in another table, all you need in the Transactions table is the primary key from the other table, not the specific license info, since that can be retrieved through the PK for that table. In general, data should NOT be repeated in multiple tables and license certainly qualifies as data.

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    Re: Updating a table from another table

    Thank you for your reply but I talked to another analyst locally and got my answer. Yes, the information is repeated but in this case it has to be done this way. Again, thank you for your help.

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