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    Database Wizard (2000)

    I have been given the task of converting my Access dBs into interactive webpages. However when I try to use the Database wizard on the menu it is grayed out. Is there some install file that needs to be run that will activate this feature? I have installed it from a bundled Office 2000 Professional Disk. I also have a stand alone Front Page 2 Disk set.

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    Re: Database Wizard (2000)

    It's been a long time... I don't remember having a problem with the item grayed out. I was greatly aided by a book which I lent out to someone (sorry!) which had a detailed chapter on FP 2000 databases.

    One thing you might look at is an Access feature that generates "data access pages" (I think that's the name). If your project is for internal (trusted) use, these might be more full-featured than what the very limited database wizard could do in FP 2000.

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