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    Access 97 vs 2000

    Our programmers put together a database in Access 97 which we've been running for almost 3 years now. We are getting pushed to replace our PC's and move to Windows 2000P and in doing so, I'd like to put Office 2000 on them. However, our programmers are having problems converting our 97 database to 2000.

    One of the things they've indicated as a problem is that there are 2 programmers and they can't be modifiying different pieces of the code at the same time. They are saying Access is restricting them to only 1 at a time. Apparently this wasn't a problem for them in 97.

    Is this how it works or is there a work around?

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    Re: Access 97 vs 2000

    Yes, that is how it works in Access 2000 and it's a very good thing. If you have two programmers making design changes to the same database at the same time, the last one who saves overwrites any design changes the other made and saved. If your programmers haven't discovered that, they haven't been paying attention. The way to deal with this in Access 2000 is to use Visual Source Safe to manage versions of the application and allow developers to "check out" the application to work on it.

    Access 2000 will not allow you to make design changes to a database while anyone else is accessing it. That means you also can't make those changes while users are entering or editing or reading data. This forces you to use a production and a development environment, and that too is a good thing that helps keep us out of trouble.

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