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    Re: More Problems w/Helen's Examples (Access 2003)

    Have you a reference to the Outlook library, I believe it needs this library.

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    More Problems w/Helen's Examples (Access 2003)

    Edited by HansV to provide link to post - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>.

    After ignoring the first error (See <post#=439534>post 439534</post#>) I managed to go on with Helen's example of creating a form. Next I tried running her LNC Rename add-in as described on page 52 of her book. Here I run into yet another error, Any further suggestions on this one? I've attached a copy of the error message.I

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    Re: More Problems w/Helen's Examples (Access 2003)

    The LNC Rename add-in uses Rick Fisher's Find and Replace add-in; the download comes with the install program for a trial version of this utility. You must install Find and Replace, then do the following:
    - Activate the Visual Basic Editor
    - Make sure that LNC Renaming Code (LNC Rename) is selected in the Project Explorer.
    - Select Tools | References...
    - The reference for Replace9.mde probably says MISSING.
    - Clear its check box.
    - Click Browse...
    - Locate and select Replace9.mde in the folder where you installed it.
    - Click Open.
    - Make sure that the check box for Replace9.mde is ticked.
    - Click OK.
    - Select Debug | Compile LNC Renaming Code

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