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    Ideas for breaking long email addresses (VBScript)

    I'm writing an ASP page to display the contents of a database of quarantined spam. Spammers seem to like incredibly long "From" addresses. Here are some examples, slightly anonymized:

    The goal of this page is to create something that someone can eyeball very quickly and spot any valid messages slated for permanent destruction. The problem is that HTML cannot "wrap" text at a hyphen or an @ sign, but instead distorts the table so that this column becomes absurdly wide, relative to the subject line column.

    I can imagine writing code that looks for the @ sign, for hyphens, for periods, at certain points in the string and inserts either spaces or line breaks. But everything I can think of is just too much processing. Anyone have any ideas?

    (I guess one possibility is just to truncate the username portion, on the theory that if you don't recognize the first 20 characters, it's probably not a real address... I think I'll do that temporarily until we find something better.)

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    Re: Ideas for breaking long email addresses (VBScript)

    Well out of my area of dabbling, although I did write a VBS some time back to extract e-mail headers from .EML files and generate a tabular "index" in HTML. I don't think any of mine suffered from the insufferably long From: fields though.

    Maybe this is of some help:
    Forcing word wrap to non-editable content
    I've also seen links to using CSS stylesheets, but I don't know how much use they'd be.


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