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    Import Wizard Skip Field Problem (2002) (2002 SR 3 (10.6501.6714))

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    My problem is similar to Karen's (<post#=397839>post 397839</post#>), but pertains to Access XP, not 2003. When importing data from an Excel file using the import wizard, on page 3 of the wizard I am only able to make changes (e.g., to skip the field) to the first field of the spreadsheet. If I select a different field in the spreadsheet image, the information in the field options boxes doesn't change to that for the selected field. Hence, I am unable to skip any but the first field.

    This is happening both at work (Win XP Pro) and home (Win 98 SE). I am sure that I was previously able to do this, but it's been awhile since I worked on the database. It might have been prior to SP3. A response to 397839 pointed to a hot fix for the problem in Access 2003, but I haven't found a similar fix for Access 2002. Can anyone help me out with this?


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    Re: Import Wizard Skip Field Problem (2002) (2002 SR 3 (10.6501.6714))

    As far as I know, Microsoft has not issued a fix for this problem for Access 2002. I doubt that they will do this now - they'll recommend that you upgrade to Access 2003. So the best you can do is import the entire table, then delete some fields, or link to the table and create a query that selects only the fields you need.

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    Re: Import Wizard Skip Field Problem (2002) (2002 SR 3 (10.6501.6714))

    I happen to have an SP2 version of Office XP on my system, and I am able to skip any field or fields when importing an Excel workbook. There doesn't appear to be any indication of a problem like you describe in the MSKB, but it does appear that a program named msimport.exe was modified by SP3. I assume you are importing to a new table, not to an existing table.

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