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    Odd queries to find sequential events

    I work with a university organization, and we use Access 2000 to track student attendance at our events.

    Given the following three tables (with the obvious field definitions & relationships):
    tblStudents: StudentID, StudentName
    tblEvents: EventID, EventName, EventDate
    tblEventAttendance: EventID, StudentID

    How can I answer the following questions?

    * For any given event, how many students came for
    the Nth time? (i.e, how many first timers, second timers)

    * For any given event, what % of the students who came
    for the first time to the previous event returned for
    a second event? What % of those who came twice actually
    came back for a third event? For any given number of
    visits, what % of students make it at least one more time?

    * Generate a list of students who have been to three or
    more events yet have missed a given consecutive number
    of events. (i.e., who has missed our last two events?)

    These seem like straightforward questions, but I can't find an easy answer to them. Ideas?


    Glen Davis

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    Re: Odd queries to find sequential events

    You might check into crosstab queries. This gives a different way of looking at and sorting your data.

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