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    Printing envelopes (word 2003 )

    All of a sudden I am having the following problem when printing envelopes using the envelopes & labels feature in word 2003. The return address and the mailing address have shifted about 1 inch to the right. I now have a big margin on the envelope where the return address appears. This in turn, shifts the mailing address to the right. I have done nothing different and can't figure out how to correct this. I am using #10 envelopes.

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    Re: Printing envelopes (word 2003 )

    Hi Mike:
    I don't have Word 2003, but assuming no changes in the address style...

    The styles Envelope Return & Envelope Address are placed inside a frame when you use Tools/Envelopes & Labels. Open that dialog box, click Options, & check the settings for "From left" for both styles (see picture). You can adjust these settings & the font. You can also check under Format/Styles to see whether either of those styles has an indentation set. If you make the change to either style, go to Format/Styles/select style/Modify & check the "add to template" checkbox.
    Hope this helps,
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