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    Multiple Email Accounts (2003)

    I am using multiple email addresses (3) for which I have added 3 email accounts in Outlook and have given them short mail account names. I have added the email account column to the inbox view but this is only showing the mail account name for the default account and shows the mail server name with the suffix (1) or (2) (all accounts use the same mail server) for the other accounts. I would like to see the short mail account names for all 3 accounts. This problem is also present when I add this column to the sent mail view.

    Can anyone help with this problem?

    Thanks in advance
    Paul Aroney

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    Re: Multiple Email Accounts (2003)

    I don't have the same setup you do -- only one account per server -- but in my case the Email Accounts column names exactly match the names listed on the main tab under View/Change account info. It's possible that the information was hardcoded at the time the messages were received, and is not affected by later changes. No time to play around with it tonight...

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