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Thread: File Recovery

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    File Recovery

    I have a Verbatim DataLifePlus CD RW that I have used for 9 months. Last week I had 520 mg of data in files. Today, I place the cd in the drive and it reads empty - 0 bytes used, 0 bytes available. all my files are missing. I then tried the cd on 4 different computers and it all reads the same. I believe my files are still on the cd. What do you recommend to resurrect the cd? Thank you.

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    Re: File Recovery

    Hi Cindy,

    You may have a problem with this. I found the following here
    Packet writing programs are well known for this type of behavior.
    Frequently, there is nothing wrong except that the complicated method of accessing the data through the operating system sometimes balks for unknown reasons.
    Remove the CD-RW, reboot the computer and insert the CD-RW disk to see if the files are visible. If not, cycle the tray open and closed to see if it helps. Different experiments of this type may yield success. Be sure to allow enough time for the reading access to take place.
    I have two identical burners on my system. Sometimes one burner will refuse to read a packet written disk but it will be readable in the other (and vice versa). Once the readability is established, both drives will read it. Go figure.
    This type of behavior does not instill a lot of confidence in packet writing in general. Although I haven't lost any information, not everyone has two burners available for cross checking.
    You could also try reading the disk in another computer.

    You seem to have tried most of this. I also came across the following information here
    Packet-writing on either CD-R or CD-RW media has been introduced in the last few years and offers the user the ability to use CD-RW media as a large removable read-write device. However, it is important to understand the limitations of this usage. The most significant of this is the potential to corrupt the media when updating it by adding or deleting files. Even when writing to a CD-R disc, there is the potential for losing access to previously recorded data, even though the actual data cannot be altered.
    Based on this, if the data being recorded is critical it is best to record once on a piece of media and then put it into a secure location. Recording again on the same piece of media presents a small, but non-zero, risk of affecting the previously recorded data. When the data is critical, this level of security may be appropriate.

    You might take a look at this software that claims to be able to recover data from CD-RW disks when this has occured. HTH
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    Re: File Recovery

    You could also try IsoBuster, which claims to be able to recover many types of corrupt CD.


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