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    How to create Mailto that will bypass spambots?

    One of the Woody's online publications/subscriptions explained an elaborate way of obfuscating a mailto. Users could click on the mailto and have a normal e-mail user experience, but spambots woud not be able to harvest the e-mail address. It included having a graphic of the mailto, so it looked completely normal. Behind it was some trick. Unfortunately, I don't remember which of the subscriptions had it, and I think it was at least a year ago, so I don't know how to find it (searching for "mailto" matches *everything*!)

    Can anyone point to me (or quote) the mailto trick that was published?


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    Re: How to create Mailto that will bypass spambots

    There have been a couple suggestions discussed in the Lounge, some on this board, some on the Internet Explorer board. I don't recall one about using an image, but I don't understand how it would help much: bots can't read the displayed image, but they can read the content of the link. So you need a solution that changes both the display and the link. Like <post#=106982>post 106982</post#> (note: our web site was redesigned in the interim, so the link to our site doesn't work any more).

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