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    Looking up part of a string (WXpHe O2003)

    I paste into Excel a tax calculation from an accounting programme.
    Approx 3/4's down the pasted -in data is the text string Class 4 National Insurance. If in the accounting programme there is a liability for this item the line underneath the Class 4 National Insurance shows a calculated entry - if there isn't then that line is blank. the line Class 4 National Insurance is a constant, the line underneath it is not. Is there a way of looking up the Class 4 National Insurance and returning the figure from the line below? Many thanks.
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    Re: Looking up part of a string (WXpHe O2003)

    You could do a "match" on the column of data to get the row number with the "Class 4 National Insurance" and lookup the next row.

    If the value is in column A you could use:
    <pre>=INDEX(A:A,1+MATCH("Class 4 National Insurance",A:A,0))</pre>


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