A bit of a problem...I set my keyboard repeat rate, but it doesn't save from session to session. It always is sl-o-o-ow and I have to reset it from Control Panel. It shows that it is set for the fastest settings, but it doesn't act that way. I have to move the slider down, then back up to its fastest setting (what I like) for it to work.

Another problem is the Energy Saving features for monitor under Display Properties, Screen Saver. Because it has a tendency to freeze my computer sometimes, I want it set to never turn off monitor or hard drive. This doesn't save, either. I can save it as a different scheme, but the settings never save from session to session either and it shuts down after 15 minutes.

I only share this computer with my wife and we log on with our identities. Anyone know what's going on? <img src=/S/mad.gif border=0 alt=mad width=15 height=15>