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    shared recurring tasks (outlook 2000)

    When we get a new client, there is a list of 15-20 tasks that we always perform over the course of a few weeks. We would like to create a shared task list to keep track of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom. Here are the questions:
    how do we create a list of tasks that can be "activated" with each new client? Is there a better way than to create the list and copy it each time for the new client? I was thinking we could create a category for each client so it would be easy to sort my client or by date.
    The other issue is we would like to keep this list in a public folder but when we do that , the assign to button is not there. We thought about using the category field for the person assigned to the task, but if we use that for client, is there another way to "assign" or at least show who it is assigned to? Thanks for your help

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    Re: shared recurring tasks (outlook 2000)

    What you are seeking is (somewhat) catered for in the Access Workflow Designer (Office 2K onwards - requires Exchange as your mail server) or in the CRM module for Outlook 2003. These, however, require appropriate Access/CRM licenses. Do you have enough new clients in a year to make such an investment worthwhile? HTH

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