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    Subdatasheet name - A97 & AXP

    There is a replicated Access 97 database on our corporate network. I have control of the design master, so I can make any necessary design changes. It will not be upgraded to later versions for various reasons.

    I am building another database on a different topic that uses some of the information in the A97 database, and it will be built in Access XP. I have read that for performance in such a mixed environment is reduced unless the Subdatasheet Name property is set to [None]. I made a temporary copy of the database and ran the code from to make the recommended changes, and it seemed to work successfully. Now when I link to and view the (temporary) A97 tables from an AXP frontend, the "subdatasheet" symbol no longer appears in the tables.


    - are there any negative impacts of applying this code to the Design Master of the real database?

    - the new application won't be all that intensive, and I wonder whether the performance hit is worth the risk of making the modification?

    Any advice?
    Jack MacDonald
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: Subdatasheet name - A97 & AXP

    Turning off subdatasheets is always a good idea, not just in this situation. I routinely turn it off in all new tables, and ran code similar to that from the MSKB article in all converted databases when we switched from Access 97 to Access 2002 two years ago.

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    Re: Subdatasheet name - A97 & AXP

    We personally experienced some problems with 97 back-ends when some people were using a 97 front-end, and others were using a 2000 front-end. This was fairly early in the 2000 deployment, so there may have been Jet issues that have since be fixed, but it is something to look for. Also, we saw performance improvements of as much as 100% (twice as fast) when we finally converted the back-end to 2000.

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