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    No Icons in WinXP (Windows XP SP2)

    I have two friends, both running XP with SP2 and have the same problem. It is impossible to put an icon on their desktops.

    If they right click on a file and choose 'send to' and then 'to the Desktop as an Icon', nothing happens.

    If they go to Control Panel, Network Connections, and try to make a shortcut of their ISP icon they get the usual message, 'Can't make an icon here, do you want one on the desktop'.Again, there is no result.

    Any newly installed programme which normally makes an icon on the desktop automatically, fails to make an icon.

    If they right click on the desktop and choose'New' and then 'folder' , no folder apears on the destktop.

    When using Windows Explorer and checking the Desktop, the folders and icons are list as appearing on the desktop, but they are not available,

    Anybody help please?

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    Re: No Icons in WinXP (Windows XP SP2)

    Be sure that Show Desktop Icons is checked. Right-click on the desktop, choose Arrange Icons By and then click on Show Desktop Icons.
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