When I begin synchronizing my Dell Axim X30 each day I notice that the mail Inbox ultimately shows several hundred items to be synched. Also, I do not know for sure this is related,butI also often find the memory level in the unit to be drastically low even though there are no large files attached to any incoming messages. The big items, databases, photo files,are stored on a 128 MB memory card so as to save internal storage space. Re-setting the PPC normally takes care of this problem. To the best of my knowledge, I only have ActiveSynch set to synchronize the e-mail Inbox folder and NOT any of its subfolders (they are unchecked in the Options box) to keep the synch process short. Where are these hundreds of files coming from? How may I make sure ActiveSynch will only synch the newly arrived or deleted Inbox files? In case it makes a difference, I'm using Outlook 2002 as my e-mail client on my desktop with which I synch the Axim.