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    Query re:new template-security patch

    Just got the new WOW issue describing the RTF security loophole with respect to attached templates.

    As I'm running Word 2000, I figured I'd go download the patch -- but what I discovered when I followed the link is that the patch says it requires Office 2000 SR-1/1a.

    Now I don't have the SR installed, because as I recall that's the update that does severely annoying things to Outlook 2000, and I like my Outlook just the way it is, thank you (with settings suitably modified to disable Evil Scriptery).

    Thus the question. Is Microsoft telling me that I have to cripple Outlook in order to fix this Word problem, or is there a workaround that I'm not seeing?

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    Re: Query re:new template-security patch

    It's the SR-2 patch that messes with Outlook. The SR-1 fixes many annoying bugs (the kind always in a new release from Microsoft in my experience). I just downloaded the thing myself.
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    Re: Query re:new template-security patch

    I, too, went to check out this update after getting my WOW issue. I havethe SR1a and the SP2 patch (since my firm doesn't use Outlook), yet when I tried to install this new update I got an error message which implied that my version was already updated (see attached file). I chose the ignore option and the patch appeared to install anyway (i.e., I got the "successfully installed") message. However, the version number on the winword.exe file which was supposed to change to .5302 (I think) did not change. What's going on?
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