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    Automatically return Day of week (2000)

    i have a form where someone enters the date. I would like the form to automatically enter the Day of the week into a field in the same table upon which the form is based, and display it in the form as soon as the date is entered.

    Would be grateful for advice how to achieve. I know where to find On Event procedures in form design, if that is what is required but beyond that, would appreciate help. Thanks!

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    Re: Automatically return Day of week (2000)

    Do you store the date itself in the table? If so, you shouldn't store the day of the week in the table - it is derived information, so storing it is superfluous. Instead, you can place a text box on the form bound to the date field, and set its Format property to ddd or dddd, depending on whether you want to see Mon, Tue etc., or Monday, Tuesday etc.

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