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    Date Calculation (today - 36161) (Access 2003)

    Ran into a peculiar date situation... date is depicted in a Clarian dump as 74, 334 (aprox.) as a long integer... fine. But when you import to a table as a Long, then try to format to a "readable" date-string it has doen't recognize the number (tested with that 74334). I was told you subtract 36161 from Jan 1, 1900 and voila! there's your string. Smells fishy to me. In VBA I don't get a date, moreover, shouldn't the math dictate you subtract the adjustment from today's date? Regards Wayne

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    Re: Date Calculation (today - 36161) (Access 2003)

    Windows stores dates as the number of days since December 30, 1899. Apparently, Clarion uses a date in 1800 as starting point, so there is a fixed difference between dates as stored in Clarion and as stored in Windows applications. To convert any Clarion date to a Windows date, subtract the fixed difference, and to convert any Windows date to a Clarion date, add the fixed difference.

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