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    Links between workbooks (2003)

    Here is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do:

    CarPayment.xls contains cells that list the loan amount, interest rate and term. There is then a cell with the PMT function that calculates the car payment. Budget.xls lists my expenses - it contains my rent, insurance and a link to the cell in CarPayment.xls that stores the car payment amount.

    There is also a cell in CarPayment.xls that contains my total expenses. This is calculated via links back to Budget.xls - it simply adds the rent,
    insurance and car payment.

    So both workbooks are essentially dependent on each other. If I change the interest rate in CarPayment.xls, this updates the car payment cell in
    Budget.xls, which in turn updates the total expenses in CarPayment.xls.

    I'm finding that the only way to get these to update properly is if I have both workbooks open. If, for example, I have only CarPayment.xls open, when
    I change the interest rate the car payment cell updates but the total expenses cell does not. Is there an easier way or another explanation for
    this? I would appreciate any help.



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    Re: Links between workbooks (2003)

    Excel can read values from closed workbooks, but it cannot calculate formulas in closed workbooks. So if Budget.xls is closed, Excel will read the value of total expenses as it is stored in Budget.xls, it won't recalculate it.

    Why don't you put the Car Payments sheet in the Budget.xls workbook? If you open both workbooks and position them side by side (Window | Arrange..., Vertical), you can drag the Car Payments sheet to Budget.xls; the formulas will be adjusted automatically.

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