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    lost an important document (word 2000)

    My aunt called .. some how a document that has all the board minutes from the last 4 years is now blank, she says that she just tried to change the font of the character but lost the document. She has no backups, and did not have the automatic backup check clicked on her options. Is there a utility to get it back.

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    Re: lost an important document (word 2000)

    It's probably too late now, but if she left Word open, she could look in her Temp folder for a temporary copy of the document. Size and date should be a guide to finding it, but it might be difficult. Also, she didn't happen to set the font color to the same color as the window background (white, probably)?

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    Re: lost an important document (word 2000)

    The most common way to delete an entire document is to select it and then type a character or press delete. When the document is still open, Undo is the best bet. After the document is closed, unless a specific temp file can be "unerased," it's quite difficult to retrieve the information.

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