I recently fried the motherboard on my Dell computer. I had to replace the motherboard with an ASUS board. Fortunately I had a non Dell version of XP Pro that I installed to get things runnng again. All of my original Dell CD's that controlled my DVD and CD etc. can no longer be installed as my computer is no longer considered a Dell Computer. I have an LG CDRW model CED-8080B and an NEC DV-5700A DVD Rom that came with my original Dell along with Dell supporting software. I now get messages such as "Cannot play DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer." I have similar problems with the CD burner. Dell could care less and one of their Forum Monitors referred to my computer as an "expensive doorstop" which is annoying since I was merely doing what they recommended before downloading Microsoft SP2. Anyways my computer still works well in most other respects and I want to know if there is a way to get "freeware" or some other cheap software that would get my two drives working properly again. Perhaps someone knows of a way to get the original supporting Dell software CD's to load onto my hard drive even though they no longer recognize my computer as a"Dell qualified machine."