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    Action Queries and Back End Databases..


    I have a database split into two. The back end contains only the tables. I have used the code in the MS Solutions Db to connect on start up and everything is working fine.

    My problem is how to append or make table to the back end?? When i design the query, the location of the back end does not synchronise with the actual location if it is moved.

    How do iget the query to look up the actual location of the back end at run time. The front end knows where it is, but not the query!

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    Re: Action Queries and Back End Databases..

    The query can't look it up. However, you can create a user-defined function that will look it up and return it to the query. Generally, I use make-tables in the front end to avoid network overload and back end bloat, and the export the resulting table to the back end before linking it to the front end.

    Are you trying to do this in code? If so, why don't you post the code you're trying to use so we can make suggestions.

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