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    Filtering a Subreport and Report from Openreport (Access XP)

    I have situation where I have a form to access a report. In the form the user will input a date and a percentage, then click a button. Next, the report would open, filtered based on the values entered. The problem I'm having though is the date is a part of the main report, but the percentage is part of a sub report.

    I have tried writing the filter to the subreport, then opening the report, but the problem with this is the main report does not get filtered. Instead the subreport just doesn't show for those records.

    So what I'm trying to do is get both the subreport and report to be filtered, when not all the information is in both.

    Any idea's on how to go about doing this.
    If I didn't explain anything well enough, please let me know and I will Clarify

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    Re: Filtering a Subreport and Report from Openreport (Access XP)

    Create a query to act as Record Source of the subreport. Specify criteria for the percentage field in the form


    where frmSomething is the name of the form, and txtPercentage is the name og the text box on the form. Set the Record Source of the subreport to the name of the query. If the subreport is linked to the main report, you'll probably have to set the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields again.

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