I am try to get my VB 6 app to send an e-mail via cc:mail v6 using the following code. I had found that I need to reference EXCEL8.OLB in the project, otherwise the DDE statements are recognised. But I have also discovered that although it spawns cc:mail it does not construct the e-mail (hangs in cc:mail for 60 seconds with a blank message open). The code runs perfectly well when run on a PC running NT/2000.

Any ideas why?
Here's the code snippet of interest

Dim vChan As Variant
vChan = DDEInitiate("cc:Mail", "SendMail")
DDEExecute vChan, "NewMessage"
DDEExecute vChan, "Urgent"
DDEExecute vChan, "Subject Test it works"
DDEExecute vChan, "AttachFile C:tempattach1.txt"
DDEExecute vChan, "Text TEST"
DDEExecute vChan, "TO user, name"
DDEExecute vChan, "Send"
DDETerminate vChan