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    Attachments are shown as X (Outlook Express 6.0)

    When I received messages from this one friend with pictures attached, all I get is a square with an X for the pictures. Therefore I cannot see what she has attached nor can I save the attachment. Can someone tell me why this is happening with only this friend and everyone else is fine when I received their messages.

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    Re: Attachments are shown as X (Outlook Express 6.

    Hi Franny

    Since you can see pictures from other people it may be a problem at the senders end rather than yours.

    If your friend uses Outlook then Outlook Express has problems reading messages created in Outlook using the RTF format. It is better to send them in plain text format.

    If your friend is using Outlook Express then see OLEXP: Image May Not Appear in Message Sent with Outlook Express

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