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    dropdown list (2003)

    I have created a database which works just fine. with access and frontpge I want to take the db editor and use it for my results page, I have done that on the top frame I would like it to be a dropdown list which will populate the bottem frame from the database. This words fine with a regular table. but when I do a dropdown I lose my hyperlinks can someone please help..

    I sure do appricaite it..


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    Re: dropdown list (2003)

    A drop-down list cannot display hyperlinks, as you have discovered. However, you can add a script that responds to a user's change to the contents of the drop-down (using an onchange="something" in the SELECT tag). Here's an example that changes an image; you could do something similar to load a page in a different frame (although off the top of my head, I don't know the code for that):

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