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    Upgrade from O2k (2000)

    I have been using O2k for the past few years and am coming up to a required system reinstall. I have both OXP PRO and O2003 PRO available if needed to install. My needs are as follows:

    Excel and Word - used constantly w/ key addons Prime Doclauncher (2k and XP only), ASAP (all versions), WOPR Enveloper (2k only but can upgrade to XP or 2003 if needed)
    Outlook - use email constantly and looking to use Calendar and Task Lists more, want to use Contacts for more than email addresses but unsure if will work
    Frontpage - part time use, 2k works for what is needed but more/updated features might be nice
    Viso/Publisher - intermittent use, could stay or migrate - not pertinent to decision

    Key questions are:
    Are there any key needs to move from Excel or Word 2k to either OXP or O2003 especially if 2k seems to work OK for now?
    Are there any key needs to move from Outlook2k to either OutlookXP or Outlook2003? (features, stability....?)
    Could I stay w/ O2k (fresh install) and install Outlook 2003 and not lose my mind with stability issues over the next year?

    I vaguely remember Woody doing a comparison in one of his newsletters but various searches didn't turn up anything.

    Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Upgrade from O2k (2000)

    Have a look at Paul Thurrott's site . He has some pretty extensive reviews and comparisons of the various Office editions. Even his initial preview of Office 2003 is valid for the final release. He also has reviews of Office 97, 2000 and XP. As for Office 2003, the most significantly improved products (in my opinion) are Outlook, Publisher and FrontPage.

    "Are there any key needs?" - Hard to say. If O2K is doing everything you want, then probably not. Stability and reliability improved significantly with OXP and further with O2003. I can't remember the last time I had an application crash with 2003. And I love Outlook 2003. That being said, if I had the option to keep O2K or upgrade to XP or 2003, I would not hesitate to jump to 2003. You will want to ensure however, that your "key addons" will work (or can be upgraded to work) with O2003.
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