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    Re: VB6.0 newbie--need help

    To update the tables, you usually need an update query that includes the DISTINCTROW keyword and you have to be very careful about the joins, especially in a multiple table query. If you're using Access/Jet 2000, you also need all the required fields and indexes from all the tables in the query included on the grid. Why don't you post the SQL for the query and explain what you want to accomplish. Then maybe someone can help you build the correct update query or queries.

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    VB6.0 newbie--need help


    I'm new to VB6, I'm working a project that involves updating
    a Access 97 database. I created a query(cust_info) with the dataenvironment, that gets information from 3 tables(customer,account,creditcard), each table has about 5 rows,
    Query: "SELECT * FROM Customer cu, Account ac, CreditCard cc WHERE cu.Account_ID = ac.Account_ID AND ac.Account_ID = cc.Account_ID AND cu.Account_ID = cc.Account_ID ORDER BY cu.Account_ID "(*aliases used here but not in VB*)
    ......I made a a new form(frmCustAcct), by dragging and dropping the sql from the data envronment to the form, all the information I need displays, but when I change any of the information, the changes aren't made in Access. My question can I?) make updates to these tables from this form(frmCustAcct)....?

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