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    I have the placebar.exe file, but I can only install it under admin. When I go to user it doesn't show up and of course, when I'm in user I also can't install it (I do not like this new feature; do they think we're idiots?). Someone mentioned that I should be a poweruser instead of a regular user. What does that involve? My IT person is new to Win 2000, so she doesn't have all the answers. Actually, I haven't asked her this one yet because she's not here today. But you all seem to have been working with this for awhile and you might have some good insight. Of course, our setup may be different.

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    Re: Placebar

    Users pretty much have no rights. Users are the vermin inthe scheme of things. (insert smile here)

    Power Users can install software and move about the system, but cannot change system settings, such as the paging file, rights, security auditing, etc. It's probably much easier on the IT folks to have the average person set up as a power user.

    Classic NT training says 'take everything away and release it as needed'. A pain to be sure but also secure - and time consuming.

    To change your group status, the IT person should simply change your group membership while logged on with an account that has administrative privileges.

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    I had to go into regedit (as admin of course) to give the user (me) full access for another program, so I figured I might as well see what happened if I set the permissions to full access for all users for all software. It solved the placebar problem. I don't know what would happen next time I tried to install regular software, but at least I know how to fix it.

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    Re: Placebar

    What a ding dong; I replied to myself. Well, now I know what the answer is too. <img src=/S/blush.gif border=0 alt=blush width=15 height=15>

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