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    Paragraph format 'distributed' (XP)

    I just fitted a new barcode scanner to my PC, and when I use it in Word then I get a strange paragraph formatting called "distributed". The line of text gets stretched to fit the complete line, like doing a "text wrapping" break, but without actually inserting the break (i.e. the text gets stretched on a single line without having to go onto the second line). I can't find any reference to this "distributed" paragraph formatting option. The "alignment" option in "paragraph formatting" is blank, showing none of left, right, centre or justified. Is this a hidden feature?

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    Re: Paragraph format 'distributed' (XP)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Distributed justification is intended for South Asian (Thai) systems, but it works in non-Asian systems too. See "About South Asian features in Office" in the online help.

    Distributed justification is not available in the paragraph formatting dialog, but it can be applied by selecting text and pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. It can be removed by applying one of the standard alignment options.

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