In our previous location, we used a DSL router that supported PPTP VPNs to our NT 4.0 server by means of the in-built NT PPTP VPN server. Once connected to the router from the standard Win2000 VPN client, all file shares were available as desired.

In our new location, we have a Linksys Router that purports to do PPTP passthrough but doesn't support MS-CHAP authenitcation, and consequently, doesn't make the NT file shares available to remote users. Linksys tech support tells me that none of their routers will do this.

My question: does anyone know of IPsec VPN server software that will run on the NT 4.0 server and which will (should?), therefore, function in conjunction with the IPsec/MD5 authentication in the Linksys router?

Failing that, anyone using another brand of router (with an Ethernet not DSL uplink) that creates a proper PPTP VPN? BTW, we're on the small end of the scale -- just a handful of users inside and outside the office.