This looks like a promising new site for Office users: MsWizards
The first wizard there promises (quote):

The Print Wizard for Microsoft Word 2002, 2002 (XP) and 2003 gives you unparalleled control over your print jobs. The Wizard streamlines Word's built-in printing functions, and adds many features Microsoft doesn't offer.

Print any document, whether it's open or not
Print any part of your document, incl. envelopes, sections, tables, etc.
Save toner: print in black if you don't need colour
Save paper: print multiple pages on a single sheet
Choose between five (or even more) speed/quality levels
Print an outline of your document
Create notes pages, with room to write on each printed sheet
Create booklets without changing your document layout
Use automatic duplex for book style or legal style binding
Intercept embarrassing spelling errors before you print them
Print the first page on paper from a different tray
Print lists of menu and keyboard settings, installed fonts, files in a folder, advanced document properties, Autocorrect entries, and more
Save all Wizard settings for later use