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    Date field in a template (Word 2000 SP3)

    I'm creating a template for my office hours signup sheet for the coming semester. They'll be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. How can I set up the template so that the date is also inserted, next to the place where I've written Tuesday and the place where I've written Wednesday?

    Alternatively, is there a way to generate a version of the file with the appropriate dates for each week of the semester (i.e. between Feb 1 and May 11)?

    In other words, instead of having to print out the office hours sheet every week and add the appropriate date, is there a way that I can automate the process?

    Many thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: Date field in a template (Word 2000 SP3)

    Macropod's star post <!post=Date Calculations in Word,249902>Date Calculations in Word<!/post> contains all you would ever want to know about working with date fields in Word, and much more!

    Alternatively, you could use Excel. It is much more flexible than Word in handling dates.

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