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    Text file, record order (2000)

    I need to create a text file with a particular order. The files has R00 as the header, R01 as basic elegibility primary cardholder, R21 as Basic address for primary cardholder and R99 as the trailer. I have 4 tables for echar one but I need to export to a text file in the followinf order.
    The R00, R01 and R99 records are required. There is only one (1) header
    record and one (1) trailer record per file, and must be the first and last
    records submitted.

    All records for one member (same Carrier, Group, Cardholder ID#, and
    Dependent Type) must be grouped together and submitted in the sequence
    above. When submitting multiple family members, all primary cardholder
    records should be submitted first. For example, if a family of three (3) is
    sent on a file with basic eligibility and individual address, the records
    must be sorted as follows:

    R00- Header record
    R01- Basic eligibility for primary cardholder
    R21- Basic address for primary cardholder
    R01- Basic eligibility for spouse
    R01- Basic eligibility for dependent
    R99- Trailer record


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    Re: Text file, record order (2000)

    Could you provide information about the 4 tables, or post a stripped down copy of the database, so that we can see what you are working with? See <post#=401925>post 401925</post#> for instructions.

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