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    Syntax error (Access 2000)

    How to avoid the Error "Syntax error"

    I have a list of clients in the form, with a subform called sbfRigs which open
    when the focus is on the clientid.It is ok, but i have a blank control for the new records
    and if the user get s the focus on this control, then i get the mesage that i have a syntax error,
    missing is evident why it happens, but how can i avoid the message?

    Private Sub customerid_GotFocus()
    Dim stDocName As String
    Dim strwhere
    strwhere = "[Customerid]=" & Me!customerid
    stDocName = "sbfRigs"

    End Sub

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    Re: Syntax error (Access 2000)

    You could test if CustomerID is not null (blank):

    If Not IsNull(Me!CustomerID) Then
    strWhere = "CustomerD=" & Me!CustomerID
    End If

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