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    Syncing Access to Outlook and more (Office 2003)

    Could anyone please supply information about syncing access to outlook, I have a database of all potential customers which i need to export to outlook so that i can give it to my sales reps in a more user friendly environment. However I want to be able to Sync the access database with outlook across multiple computers so that the information I enter can be transfered to my reps outlook. I have already exported the database to outlook so that all current information is present. I want to be able to do this without using MS exchange to sync outlook as im sure my boss would smack me upside the head if i requested the license for MS Exchange plus I feel that it may be out of my ability. I have been pointed to Outlook 4Team by someone and would like to know if anyone has used it and what their opinions are if any.

    Thanks in advanced for any replies


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    Re: Syncing Access to Outlook and more (Office 2003)

    Exporting it to Outlook is fairly straightforward as you have apparently already done. So it's just a matter of importing that file into Outlook on each of the computers that you need the data on. The difficulty is going to be going the other way if that is what is desired. Once you have data in Outlook and you want to synch changes made in Outlook back to your Access database, things get really hard. It also gets more difficult if you want to update contact information in Outlook from Access after the sales reps have made changes in Outlook. I'm not familiar with Outlook 4Team, so I don't know what it's capabilities and limitations are. For this kind of thing, we normally use Access databases with replication.

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