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    All Text Formatting (Wood 2003)

    Recently we've noticed that when we select text to format it, that instead of effecting just that text, it is doing it to the ENTIRE document. Attempts to bold a single word or phrase gets us the entire document bolded, likewise, attempts to center a single line, centers everything in the document. Hitting the undo button a single time, undos the whole document application and leaves us with the desired result. Why is this happening do you suppose?

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    Re: All Text Formatting (Wood 2003)

    Activate the Styles and Formatting task pane.
    Right-click the style of the text (probably Normal, but it depends on your document).
    Select Modify... from the popup menu.
    Clear the "Automatically update" check box.
    Click OK.
    Repeat for other styles, if necessary.

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