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    Excel Email Addresses into Outlook Addressee List (2000)

    I have a list of email addresss in 1 column in Excel. How do I get all of these out and into the To: field in Outlook such that I can send the email to each of the people listed in Excel?


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    Re: Excel Email Addresses into Outlook Addressee List (2000)

    You can use the SendMail method of the workbookm and set the Recipients argument to the range of cells containing the e-mail addresses:

    ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:=Worksheets("Addresses").Range("A1:A10" ), Subject:="Test e-mail"

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    Re: Excel Email Addresses into Outlook Addressee List (2000)

    There are some examples in the Excel Forum, including those in the thread which includes Andrew's <post#=38432>post 38432</post#> which should be your starting point. Make sure you set the necessary references in the VBE.

    You will need to write a range loop to gather all the addresses from your Excel range, something like this untested air code:

    Dim itmMessage as MailItem
    Dim strToNames as String
    Dim rngCell as range

    For Each rngCell in ActiveSheet.Range("A1:A40").Cells
    strToNames = strToNames & rngCell.Value & Chr(59)
    next rngCell

    And then use

    With itmMessage
    .To = Chr(34) & strToNames & Chr(34)

    Your code will trigger the Object Model Guard warnings (because Outlook thinks you're a spammer <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>); this can be overcome by using ClickYes, or other, more complex, methods.
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