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    Page border issues (2003)

    The way borders are calculated in Word seems a little disappointing because they are limited to a maximum of 31 points from any page edge.

    On my new LaserJet 1200 the minimum bottom margin is 1.17cm - which is 33 points. As a result it is impossible to print a bottom border measured from the edge of the page!

    It is surprising that this issue hasn't been resolved after all these years. Or is there a workaround?

    Of course one can measure the borders from the text area rather than the edge of the page but this is a nuisance because if the text area margins are changed the page border will follow the text and change in relation to the edge of the page - and this is not always what one wants.

    Has anybody got any thoughts or suggestions on this issue?



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    Re: Page border issues (2003)

    This came up before, without a solution (<post#=429322>post 429322</post#>). The workaround you mention is also the one proposed by Microsoft - see Page borders may be displayed or printed incorrectly in Word 2002 and in Word 2003.

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