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    Does anyone have any info on replacing a DDS 4 backup? I have purchased a SDLT drive (from Ebay) that has a capacity of 110/220. I am hoping that it will be just a matter of removing old drive, and installing new one (yeah,right).
    I am concerned that the existing backup program I have,may not support this new drive.
    My current backup is as follows:
    MS Windows Backup
    Version 5.0
    AT/AT compatible
    PRocessor: x86 family 6 model 11 stepping 4
    It is a Veritas product, that came bundled in a SBS Server 2000 system.
    The new drive is a quantum Model TR-S11XA-EG
    I have been investigating this project, and have found nothing applicable.
    I would appreciate any help. I am now nervous this might not work <img src=/S/nosleep.gif border=0 alt=nosleep width=27 height=15> !
    Thanks <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>

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    Re: SDLT

    I would be very surprised if MS Backup would support an SDLT drive. This would have been a good thing to find out before purchase. In the UK we are talking about
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