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    Subform BeforeUpdate Event

    Hi All

    MS Access 2000, Win NT 4

    I have a database that has a form with one subform (continuous) in it. This subform has a BeforeUpdate event that is used to validate data.

    My problem is that the BeforeUpdate event is firing after a user puts a value into the first field (and then the validation check fails, because the user has not yet entered information into the other fields yet). The BeforeUpdate event is also firing at the correct time when the user exits the record.

    MSDN appears not to have any information on this. The only thing that I can think of is that somehow the record is being 'saved' after the entry of the first field.

    This problem is also 'inconsistent' and does not always occur!

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Re: Subform BeforeUpdate Event

    You haven't provided enough information. If it doesn't always happen, what is different about the times it does?

    Does the first field have any code behind it that might trigger the validation? Is the user doing something like clicking on a command button on the parent form (or another subform)? That will trigger BeforeUpdate because records are saved when the form loses focus.

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