Here's a bug that has existed for so long in IE that I had wondered whether it was normal:

Go to the page on my Web site, and scroll down past the first map, to the "Guide to the Map" section. Then click on the red link to <6D> in the third paragraph of text below the header.

(You can link to different locations in the big map here because it is a sliced and diced graphic. Each of the different-colored panels is a separate graphic with its own bookmark).

Now, click on the "back" button.

IE will not go back to the location of the link in the text. Instead, it will show you a blank screen because it has scrolled only vertically, not horizontally.

Mozilla will scroll both vertically and horizontally, and will return you to where you were before.

A computer screen is two-dimensional, and pages with elements wider than the screen, like the big map on my Web page, require horizontal as well as vertical scrolling for the "back" button to work correctly.

But apparently, Microsoft's programmers are still thinking one-dimensionally!