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    call other appl in own frame (vb6)

    Can someone guide me how can i write a vb program, let say eg: viewer01.exe and viewer02.exe
    programs and put in my own vb program with two frame divided the both exe.

    Once i open my new vb program, the 2 exe should execute in the single interface divided by 2 frame.
    Thus, final product the new vb program will look like combine 2 applications in a single program which have
    one interface divided by 2 frame each have viewer01.exe and viewer02.exe running.


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    Re: call other appl in own frame (vb6)

    You can make one application start another, but I don't think you can make one application run another in its own window. Don't you mean that you want your application to have several forms open at the same time?
    If you create an MDI (multiple document interface) application, you can have a main form with multiple child forms within the frame of the main form. If you use the Application Wizard to create your application, you can specify MDI.

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