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    drop-down lists in ME

    How do I turn off drop-down lists or auto complete lists when I am saving a file?

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    Re: drop-down lists in ME

    can you be more specific? i'm not sure i follow as to what dropdown lists in what program. They can be turned off in IE, tools | options.

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    Re: drop-down lists in ME

    When I "save" or "save as" a file, (in any application opened in Windows ME), as soon as I start to type in a name for the file, I get a drop-down list of previously typed names. Sometimes, when this drop-down list appears, the list box becomes the active window and my typing does not show in the "File Name" space in the application I am using. I would like to get rid of the drop-down list, but can't find anything in Windows help about this feature.

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