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    Link format problems (2000)


    I am linking my Excel data base to an Access Form. I am having problem with format "mismatch". I am getting "#Num" in my Access fields where there are numbers in the spreadsheet. I have tried formatting the spreadsheet different way but to no success. Does "#Num" mean that the spreadsheet format is a number and Access is not, or visa-versa. Or am I so out to lunch that I should just use a notebook and pencil to keep my data?

    And while we are on the subject. What would be the best book for learning Access 2000?

    Oops... And... How to I view more than the 200+ characters in a field in the linked Access Form?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Link format problems (2000)

    Did you link the Excel range to your Access front end or are you trying to do something else? If Access has to guess at the datatype of a field, it makes up its mind by using the first value it finds. You may very well run into errors in the Access form if the field is supposed to be a number and it finds something in Excel that it interprets as other than a number in that field.

    Is your question about books on learning the basics of Access or learning to program it in VBA?

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